Big Stories
The View From Here - a film about Big Stories, Small Towns
Every community has a living memory The View From Here - a film about Big Stories, Small Towns
Shaun Patrick, Murray Bridge
Head In The Clouds Shaun Patrick, Murray Bridge 02:24
Brett, Young Fathers, Port Augusta
When I Am 30 Brett, Young Fathers, Port Augusta 01:08
Maverick, Young Mens Group
It's Made Me See What I Really Am, Who I Really Am Maverick, Young Mens Group
Yung, Lunn Village
All This Education Will Create Change Yung, Lunn Village
Lorraine, Mununjali Elder, Beaudesert
It Was Lovely Growing Up Here Lorraine, Mununjali Elder, Beaudesert
Yvonne's Story, Murray Bridge
The Loneliness Still Sticks In My Mind Yvonne's Story, Murray Bridge 03:52
Noogar, The Men's Shed, Port Augusta
I Won't Let Nothing Beat Me Noogar, The Men's Shed, Port Augusta 00:50
Diana's Story, Strathewen
Violet Glen Is My Home Diana's Story, Strathewen
Alva's Story, Murray Bridge
He Used To Work For Mr Flower The Grocer Alva's Story, Murray Bridge 01:18
Pabitra, Murray Bridge
Better To Leave The Country Than Go To Jail Pabitra, Murray Bridge 02:06
Gayle's story
Gayle's story Gayle's story 02:57
Mrs Hawa, Cowra
It's a nice place, all people are nice Mrs Hawa, Cowra
Florrie's Story, Murray Bridge
I Count Blessings Every Day Florrie's Story, Murray Bridge 03:09
Dom Unsandin, Gag Island
The Brick Maker Dom Unsandin, Gag Island
Jesse, Young Mens Group
I Never Knew These Guys, But We're Family Now Jesse, Young Mens Group
Phoebe, The Corridor Project, Cowra
Learn together, close the gap Phoebe, The Corridor Project, Cowra
Jim's Story, Murray Bridge
I'd Like To Have A World With No Wars Jim's Story, Murray Bridge 01:18
I Got Kicked Out Of Nepabunna School For Smoking Claude 00:38
State Footy Carnival
Raukkan Wins State Aboriginal Football Carnival State Footy Carnival 02:30
Capital of Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Welcome to Banlung Capital of Ratanakiri, Cambodia 02:24
I Like Getting Stirred Up Ray 01:33
Maddy's Story, Cowra
I remember waking up to ear piercing screams Maddy's Story, Cowra
Longriders, Murray Bridge
A Look Inside The Clubhouse Longriders, Murray Bridge 02:24
Ann's Story, Murray Bridge
Marty Just Fell Into Our Arms Ann's Story, Murray Bridge 03:19
Bronwyn's Story
My Neighbour Calls Me Dr. Doolittle Bronwyn's Story 02:24
Longriders CMC, Murray Bridge
Strength In Unity Longriders CMC, Murray Bridge 13:59
Sally & Olive, Photographers, Cowra
When I'm with the camera, I'm not alone Sally & Olive, Photographers, Cowra
Part 1
Dreams Of Murray Bridge Part 1 02:24
Peung, Chief Of Lunn Village
We Still Believe In The Spirit Of Yeak Loam Lake Peung, Chief Of Lunn Village
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